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I needed to train in VB.net and so I wrote a simple program under Windows, it is called AERO

You can downloadAERO here using this link

Itís primarily an Isentropic Nozzle calculator, also calculating Pressures, Temperature mass flows and Thrusts.

It is still in beta form, so there may be a couple of bugs. You can contact me at nick at caided.co.uk if you find any bugs or want to request feature enhancements.

It aimed at CFD user who needs quick access to some simple values, i.e. pressure and temperature at altitude.

The first tab shown right sets up the conditions at altitude.

The second tab, using the previous tab information calculates the stagnation conditions for a given flight speed

Either Velocity or a Mach number can be entered.

The third tab using the previous conditions for a given nozzle stagnation temperature and NPR can calculate the nozzle exit area having specified the nozzle mass flow.


The inverse calculation can be done by specifying the nozzle exit area and the program calculates the mass flow.




The throat and exit nozzle conditions are given in detail on the fifth tab.


Typical constants used within the calculations can be altered


All the values entered can be saved and re read back into the program using a simple text file. XML can also be exported.


Version 0.95.3 is released (July 2018)

1.      Iterative gamma calculation at the nozzle throat

2.      Various Bug fixes


Version is 0.95.2 (17/1/14)

1. Bug fixes

2. Implementation of installer


Version 0.95.1(26/2/2013)

1. Bug fixes


Version 0.95

1. Removal of a direct excel exporter and replace with an XML exporter

2. Drop down boxes of commonly used values

3. Mass flow selection

4. Various bug fixes